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    BMO Automation

    Pushing Potential into Performance

    Thousands of expensive CNC machines have not yet been automated and idle for whole nights and weekends. BMO helps the CNC machining industry to turn this potential into performance. With a modular robot cell and advanced BMO software, spindle hours can be tripled without additional operators. BMO has focused on Multi Batch Automation since 2008. This means that BMO robots can produce several small batches unmanned. With the Iridium, Platinum and Titanium classes BMO offers Multi Batch Automation in every segment for each turning and milling machine. A week has 168 hours. How many spindle hours are you planning this week?

    Unique BMO Technology

    Platinum Sideloader

    Fully continuous productions of small series

    INFINITY Platform

    Next Generation CNC Factory Automation Platform


    Optivice set-up time to zero

    1 operator on 1 CNC machine:

    Billable hours: 40 hours / week
    Hourly rate: €60

    Potential (annual turnover)
    2 shifts on 1 CNC machine:

    Billable hours: 80 hours / week
    Hourly rate: €60

    Potential (annual turnover)
    1 operator and 1 robot cell on 1 CNC machine:

    Billable hours: 168 hours / week
    Hourly rate: €60

    Potential (annual turnover)

    In how many months will you earn back your CNC machine?


    CNC operator looking for a job!

    Hello, my name is Rob Ot and I am looking for work as a CNC operator. Most people think that robots like me are only good at large series, but I am a specialist in small series and single pieces. My colleagues describe me as a real go-getter.

    You will never hear me complain about things like collective labour agreement, pension, air conditioning or the content of your Christmas package. I really hate Cup-a-Soup and producing unnecessary stock.

    Availability: 168 hours / week
    Salary indication: € 5 / hour

    Can I strengthen your production?
    Please contact me at +31 (0) 495 729 640.



    The time until your CNC machine stops

    How long does it take for your CNC machine to stop? Watch out! It is often thought that autonomy depends on series size, but that is a misunderstanding. Your autonomy is in fact dependent on your type of automation. Do you opt for Single Batch or Multi Batch Automation?

    Single Batch Automation


    Set up one product and produce it unmanned
    Autonomy = production time of the set up product

    Multi Batch Automation


    First set up several products and then produce unmanned
    Autonomy = production time of all set up products together

    BMO has focused on Multi Batch Automation since 2008. Our customers and BMO Precision Parts do it every day. So would you like to walk through your order book together? Then we will show you the effect of Multi Batch Automation on your specific situation.