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    BMO INFINITY Platform wins Technishow Innovation Award

    The BMO INFINITY Platform has won the prestigious Technishow Innovation Award, in recognition of its pioneering contribution to the industry. Out of 16 participants, the INFINITY Platform was chosen by the jury as the most promising innovation. The jury was particularly impressed by INFINITY’s ability to automate the entire factory, while its modularity increases accessibility and makes it directly applicable to a wide audience. According to the jury, BMO understands the needs of the machining market like no other.

    “The BMO INFINITY Platform is an innovation that allows the CNC operator to be a CNC operator again,” said Eveliene Langedijk, president of the jury of the Technishow Innovation Award.

    “We are enormously grateful for this honorable mention” as stated Frank Biemans, Founder and CEO of BMO. “This is a reward for the hard work and dedication of the entire BMO team. It encourages us to continue to innovate and lead in the development of the ultimate autonomous machining factory.”

    1 operator on 1 CNC machine:

    Billable hours: 40 hours / week
    Hourly rate: €60

    Potential (annual turnover)
    2 shifts on 1 CNC machine:

    Billable hours: 80 hours / week
    Hourly rate: €60

    Potential (annual turnover)
    1 operator and 1 robot cell on 1 CNC machine:

    Billable hours: 168 hours / week
    Hourly rate: €60

    Potential (annual turnover)

    In how many months will you earn back your CNC machine?


    CNC operator looking for a job!

    Hello, my name is Rob Ot and I am looking for work as a CNC operator. Most people think that robots like me are only good at large series, but I am a specialist in small series and single pieces. My colleagues describe me as a real go-getter.

    You will never hear me complain about things like collective labour agreement, pension, air conditioning or the content of your Christmas package. I really hate Cup-a-Soup and producing unnecessary stock.

    Availability: 168 hours / week
    Salary indication: € 5 / hour

    Can I strengthen your production?
    Please contact me at +31 (0) 495 729 640.


    Game Changers shown at EMO

    INFINITY Platform

    Next Generation CNC Factory Automation Platform

    With the INFINITY Platform, BMO provides the modular building blocks with which machinists of today can build towards the autonomous factory of tomorrow. There are as yet no autonomous factories when it comes to machining. And not many companies will ever take this step in one go. The autonomous factory is therefore not a project but a continuous process which you work towards step by step. This makes it even more important that the investments a company makes in automation today can in the future still be deployed as modules in the autonomous factory. This is precisely the essence of the INFINITY Platform.


    Optivice set-up time to zero

    How many vices do you have in your machining system? And how much time does it cost your operators to each time configure all these vices for every small series? And what is the chance that this accidentally goes wrong at some point? What if you were able for the entire weekend to mill all the different series on the exact same vice? And what if that vice could automatically adjust itself to the dimensions of your product? Your operator would then not have to keep a lookout over all the different vices. This would give your operator more time in both his day and head to provide value to the machining process.


    The time until your CNC machine stops

    How long does it take for your CNC machine to stop? Watch out! It is often thought that autonomy depends on series size, but that is a misunderstanding. Your autonomy is in fact dependent on your type of automation. Do you opt for Single Batch or Multi Batch Automation?

    Single Batch Automation


    Set up one product and produce it unmanned
    Autonomy = production time of the set up product

    Multi Batch Automation


    First set up several products and then produce unmanned
    Autonomy = production time of all set up products together

    BMO has focused on Multi Batch Automation since 2008. Our customers and BMO Precision Parts do it every day. So would you like to walk through your order book together? Then we will show you the effect of Multi Batch Automation on your specific situation.