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    BMO Automation

    Dutch manufacturer and supplier of automation solutions for loading CNC lathes and milling machines

    BMO Automation develops and produces user-friendly, innovative automation solutions for loading CNC lathes and milling machines in the metal and plastics processing industry.

    Driven by passion for machining and robots, BMO Automation develops a wide range of intelligent automation systems. There is a fitting solution for any company size and automation requirements. Solutions are configured tailor-made, using an excellent expertise in the client’s production process. As a result clients can achieve a reduction in costs, a shorter turnaround time and a higher output.

    Our mission is to translate your wishes into a perfectly matching automation solution. BMO gets to the bottom of your business processes, listens to your wishes, and provides specific advice based on knowledge and experience. BMO can also rapidly respond to the needs of the market because of its own engineering, development and service departments. Innovation, reliability, passion and expertise are important core values.

    CNC automation solutions from BMO Automation

    Automation of CNC machines
    Continuous production of series and single pieces
    Custom made as standard

    New! The Iridium series!

    The compact all-rounder for lathes and milling machines

    We proudly present the IRIDIUM series. This further expands our product portfolio with a compact robotic automation.

    The new robot cell is available as a Sideloader and Frontloader and suitable for automating both lathes and milling machines.

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    Why automate your CNC-machine with BMO Automation?

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    BMO Software

    Our systems are easy to operate because no robot knowledge is needed
    thanks to the very user-friendly graphical user interface.

    • Operation via touchscreen
    • A new robotjob can be programmed within 1 minute
    • Remote support module
    • Mail module for status messages
    • Job manager to arrange multiple jobs
    • Well-arranged menu layout with clear symbols

    Automation of CNC machines with BMO Automation

    TechniShow 2018

    We are winners of a TechniShow Innovation Award 2018

    We are proud that BMO Automation has been nominated for a TechniShow Innovation Award for the 3rd time in a row!

    It all started in 2016 when BMO Automation was nominated with the Platinum series. An automation solution that enabled to produce single pieces and series interchangeably. This by exchanging products, pallets and clamping equipment. A first at the time.

    In 2018, BMO won a TechniShow Innovation Award with the groundbreaking Xenon software. This software has everything to do with Smart Industry 4.0: the most diverse data from the CNC machines within a machining factory are collected and linked.

    This year we were nominated with the Smart Centric E-Clamp. This intelligent centric, automatically adjustable machine clamp has been developed for clamping multiple product formats in one continuous process. The SCE lowers the threshold to automation and makes ‘High Mix – High Volume’ loading accessible.

    TechniShow Innovation Award BMO Automation

    Meet our specialists

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    Sales Switzerland

    Robert Klaus

    Sales Austria

    Bas Voormolen

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