BMO Automation

Manufacturer and supplier of automation solutions for loading CNC lathes and milling machines

BMO Automation is a Dutch manufacturer and supplier of automation solutions for the loading of CNC lathes and milling machines.

Driven by a passion for machining and robots, BMO Automation has developed a wide range of intelligent automation systems. It has an affordable solution for every size of business and automation requirement.

Our mission is to meet your needs with a perfectly matching automation solution. BMO immerses itself in your business processes, listens to your needs, and provides tailor-made, honest, advice based on its knowledge and experience. Furthermore, BMO is able to respond to market needs via its own engineering, development, and service departments. Innovation and progressiveness are important core values.

Robot cells for CNC lathes and milling machines

Around the clock manufacturing of series and one-off items



User interface

Our systems are easy to operate even without prior knowledge of robotics, thanks to their extremely user-friendly graphic user interface.

• Touchscreen control
• Robot programming within 1 minute
• Remote support module
• Mail module for status messages
• Job manager for managing multiple jobs
• Straightforward menu structure with clear symbols

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