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    With intelligent software …

    … operating the hardware becomes uncomplicated

    No robot knowledge needed, thanks to smart software

    Do you have experience programming 6-axis robots? No? You don’t need any either. Because robot programming is a profession. And unless you have a few years to learn that profession, you are better off sticking to your own. Because turning and milling present challenges enough. Let your people do the work they’ve been trained to do. Don’t distract them with programming robots.

    As easy to use as a smartphone

    Can you use a smartphone? Then you can also handle your BMO robot. The software is that intuitive. All possible robot movements have already been pre-programmed by BMO. You tell the software what the robot should do: Select a fixture, fill in parameters, enter number of pieces and your program is ready. Setting up a production task can be done by your operator in less than a minute.

    One-touch configuration via the robot software

    Robot speed
    Clamping force of the vice
    Priority ranking of production orders
    Storage location of products and clamping tools
    Cleaning programs

    Dimensions, quantity, START!

    Product length, width, height and number of pieces. This is the minimum information the software needs for the robot to perform a production task. You enter the parameters, select the NC program and the robot starts producing. No programming knowledge required.

    Robot software van BMO

    Visible at a glance

    Time remaining until the CNC machine stops
    Configuration errors
    Tool availability and tool life

    Configuring the robot is so simple that even our trainees do it.

    René Ohlenforst, Matec Maschinenbau Eschweiler.

    You can do it in ten minutes. I occasionally compare the BMO software to an iPhone.

    Jan Meeuws, Managing Director of Machinefabriek JMBA B.V.

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