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Customers about BMO Automation

An investment that pays off!

Employees are now familiar with machine controls and CAM systems, but programming a robot is something completely different. However, BMO has made the operation so easy that anyone with common sense can learn it in ten minutes. This drastically reduces the inhibition threshold when working with a robot. I realize that automation costs money. However, if you can buy a complete machine for the price of a robot cell, the step towards automation will be more difficult. Then you prefer to stay that way. BMO has recognized this and offers a product with a fair price.

Lucien Heemskerk

Owner / CEO, Heemskerk Fijnmechanica BV

A robot automation of BMO Automation offers an enormous flexibility!

“With an automation from BMO Automation it doesn’t really matter what you want to produce. You get a huge flexibility. The layout of the drawers and the user-friendly software. It is almost infinite, it simply offers so many possibilities.”

Jeroen Sleddens

Director G.M.O. Nederland

Precision and reliability are extremely important to us!

The combination of robot and machine must continue to produce in a dimensionally stable way in our climatised production hall 24 hours a day. We are convinced that by choosing a robot cell from BMO Automation we can achieve an even greater precision and process reliability.

Raymond and Eric Goorsenberg

Managing Director / Owner, FMI Goorsenberg

Fast and easy to use, a great solution!

The strongest point at BMO is thinking from the perspective of a craftsman. A robot must be a tool, not a weight around my neck. Our employees are millers and not robot programmers. The most important aspect is that the robot is quick and simple to operate. This is why I chose BMO.

Eduard Wijlaars

Managing Director / Owner, Edumar Metaalbewerking

Brands of CNC machines

Machine brands that have been successfully equipped with a BMO automation

Danobat Overdeck
GF Machining

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