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    Customer references

    Customers about BMO Automation

    Exactly how I wanted that!

    I want to have serial production to fill the night-time hours, but the robot must also be able to handle five or ten parts efficiently without complicated programming. I have been able to achieve this special form of automation in cooperation with BMO Automation.

    Jan Meeuws

    Owner / CEO, JMBA

    Shorter delivery time for our customers!

    If our customers require us to deliver their products faster we must have a short production cycle time. The sophisticated automation solutions of BMO Automation helps us to achieve this.

    Ronny Moors

    Managing Director D&D Kunststofbewerking

    The combination of pallet and product handling provides a lot of flexibility.

    “We try to combine product families, but due to the standardization in tools and the flexibility of the robot cell, we also make three or five products unmanned. This allows us to switch quickly. With a repeat order where everything is the same, you are quickly up and running ”

    Vertegenwoordigers van IMPA - DMG MORI - BMO

    Toine Swaans

    Technical Director IMPA Precision

    “I sometimes compare your user software with an iPhone. Intuitive and direct to use. “

    “Take a good look at user-friendliness, if something is too complicated to configure then your employees won’t work with it. If you want to automate at a high level then you also want to run single pieces or small series on the robot. That only works if you can program very easy and quickly. That goes perfectly with your operating software “

    Jan Meeuws

    Director Machinefabriek JMBA B.V.

    Automated production with variable products, a perfect solution!

    The major advantage of the solution from BMO is that we can run a number of products at the same time, which does not limit you to one type of product in one size. You can fill the whole robot cell with different types of products of different sizes, weights and materials.

    Joris Rutten and Ad Verhoeven

    Production- and Managing Director Hamofa Metal Machining BVBA

    Pallet & product loading immediately pays off!

    “In the short time that we are working with the BMO automation, we see that it immediately pays off. The combination of pallet and product handling makes that possible for us.”

    Wiek Vrinds

    Director TMF Mechanical Parts & Assemblies

    Fast and easy to use, a great solution!

    The strongest point at BMO is thinking from the perspective of a craftsman. A robot must be a tool, not a weight around my neck. Our employees are millers and not robot programmers. The most important aspect is that the robot is quick and simple to operate. This is why I chose BMO.

    Eduard Wijlaars

    Managing Director / Owner, Edumar Metaalbewerking

    Produce light’s out the whole weekend

    “At the moment it is no longer enough to produce unmanned during the week at night. We, as Stabro AG, also have to be able to manufacture unmanned with up to 72 hours during the weekend. We have invested in an automation solution from BMO Automation to fulfill those challenges.”

    Marcel Dietsche

    Owner and Director Stabro AG

    An investment that pays off!

    Employees are now familiar with machine controls and CAM systems, but programming a robot is something completely different. However, BMO has made the operation so easy that anyone with common sense can learn it in ten minutes. This drastically reduces the inhibition threshold when working with a robot. I realize that automation costs money. However, if you can buy a complete machine for the price of a robot cell, the step towards automation will be more difficult. Then you prefer to stay that way. BMO has recognized this and offers a product with a fair price.

    Lucien Heemskerk

    Owner / CEO, Heemskerk Fijnmechanica BV

    The Platinum 50 provides more flexibility and enables a complete 24/7 production!

    We chose a quadruple zero-clamping system with a medium passage and pallets with machine clamps on top. In order to operate these clamping tools without a robot, it is also possible to manually operate the machine clamp and zero-clamping system with two integration kits. The first results show that expectations have been entirely fulfilled.

    DMG - Draline - BMO

    Mark Linders

    Managing Director Draline

    Flexible thanks to the expansion possibilities through unique and fantastic modules!

    The servo-gripper is a fantastic solution because gripper changes become a thing of the past, since this gripper can automatically seize different products at the right diameter.

    Freek Sensen

    Managing Director Frerotech BV

    More sales and confidence through the robot from BMO!

    The robots from BMO Automation did not only result in an increase in turnover, they also created a certain degree of calm. You just know that everything will operate well. It makes me feel calm when I can tell the customer: your order will be ready tomorrow.

    Erik van Rooij

    Managing Director Adra Metaalbewerking

    Brands of CNC machines

    Machine brands that have been successfully equipped with a BMO automation

    Danobat Overdeck
    GF Machining

    DMG MORI DMU 50 3de Generatie - BMO Titanium 180 - DMG MORI DMU 80 P duoBLOCK The DMU 50 3rd generation is a compact milling machine from DMG MORI. The DMU 80 P duoBLOCK is an extensive turning-milling combination from DMG MORI. Together with the Titanium 180, these two CNC machines produce a high mix of product series and a high volume of products. With this Titanium 180, five different drawer positions have been chosen. The combination of product and pallet loading ensures that, in addition to the drawers, there are 38 pallet places where products can be put on pallet. Hedelius Acura 65 EL - BMO Titanium 180 The Hedelius Acura 65 EL is a compact five-axis milling machine that is linked to a BMO Titanium 180 for this customer. In this version, product and pallet loading has been chosen whereby both product jobs and pallet jobs are milled together. By means of two independently operable pallet loading stations and a large format pallet changing station on the top drawer, the operator can prepare pallet jobs while the CNC machine is producing. This will keep the CNC machine down to a minimum. Mazak VTC800 - BMO Titanium 180 - Mazak VTC800 In this setup, the customer has chosen to link both his Mazak VTC800 CNC machines to a BMO Titanium 180. With the aid of the BMO robot cell, both Mazak milling machines can be fed with both product and pallet loading. It has also been made possible to automatically change grippers, so that the right products can be taken from one of the four drawers. DMG MORI DMU60 eVo Linear - BMO Titanium 50 The DMU 60 eVo Linear from DMG MORI is a linear milling machine that is linked to a BMO Titanium 50 for this customer. It has been decided to equip the robot cell from the Titanium series with both pallet and product loading. The milling machine from DMG MORI has an extensive tool magazine linked to the CNC machine. In combination with the Titanium 50, this allows a wide variety of product series to be processed without having to manually change additional tools. Matsuura V+1000 - BMO Titanium 50 - Matsuura MAM72-25V Two CNC machines from Matsuura are linked to a BMO Titanium 50. On the left is a Matsuura V + 1000 that is loaded from the side by the BMO robot. On the other side is a Matsuura MAM72-25V that is also loaded via a side door. The Titanium 50 is equipped with a pallet and product module. This means that the robot can place pallets with machine clamps and fixtures on both machines. In addition, the robot can also load individual products on the Matsuura machines. By combining both loading methods, we are talking about High Mix - High Volume in this case. A high mix of product series but also a high volume per product series due to the high number of pallet positions and the seven product drawers. Getech BMO Titanium 50 - Hurco en Doosan CNC Machine Hurco VMX30Ui - BMO Titanium 50 This Titanium 50 from BMO Automation with a 50 kilogram strong robot is connected to two CNC machines, including a Hurco VMX30Ui and a Doosan DNM 400. The customer has opted for product and pallet loading on both CNC machines in order to automate as flexibly as possible. production process. DMG MORI CTX beta 800 TC - BMO Platinum 24 Frontloader The CTX beta 800 TC from DMG MORI is a rotary cutter combination including a tool station for 80 different tools. The lathe is partly fed by a staff supply system. The Platinum 24 Frontloader ensures that different sizes of round and block products can be loaded. The robot cell is equipped with reversing drawers to increase the diversity of products. There is now room for seven product frames and seven axis frames. This gives this customer a very high flexibility of product series that can be processed fully automatically. Okuma MULTUS U3000 - BMO Platinum 50 Frontloader The model multitask machine that is coupled here with the Platinum 50 Frontloader is an Okuma MULTUS U3000. In this example, a robot has been chosen on a loose base to optimize the range of the robot. By using seven product drawers, a wide range of products can be prepared for processing. Working days can therefore easily be extended. This version is equipped with product and collet loading. With a special gripper head, the robot can exchange 18 different types of collets in the main spindle of the Okuma CNC machine. Mazak Variaxis I-500 - BMO Platinum 50 Frontloader In deze opstelling heeft de klant gekozen om zijn Mazak Variaxis I-500 te koppelen aan een Platinum 50 frontloader. Met behulp van de BMO Robotcel kan deze vijf-assige Mazak freesbank met zowel product- als palletbelading geconfigureerd worden. Ook is het mogelijk gemaakt om grippers automatisch te laten verwisselen, zodat de juiste producten uit één van de zeven lades gepakt kunnen worden. Reference: DMG MORI DMU50 integrated onto a BMO Platinum Sideloader DMG MORI DMU50 3de Generatie - BMO Platinum Sideloader The DMU 50 3rd generation of DMG MORI is a compact milling machine that has already been linked several times to a Platinum Sideloader from BMO Automation. Product and pallet loading is made possible thanks to this robot cell. The control of these machines can vary between Heidenhain and Celos / Siemens. Through a customized interface from BMO Automation, communication between CNC machine and automation runs smoothly. Loading a high variety of dimensions of raw materials through the drawers or on pallets is no problem for the Platinum Sideloader. Due to the different grids on the product drawers, this can be easily programmed by the operator and the BMO Platinum Sideloader can be set to work undisturbed for many spindle hours. Hedelius Acura 65 EL - BMO Platinum Sideloader The Hedelius Acura 65 EL is a compact five-axis milling machine that is linked to a Platinum 50 Sideloader for this customer. In this version, product and pallet loading has been chosen in which both product jobs and pallet jobs are milled together. The pallet change station on the top drawer allows the operator to prepare pallet jobs while the CNC machine is producing. This will keep the CNC machine down to a minimum. Mazak Variaxis J-600/5X - BMO Platinum Sideloader For several customers, BMO Automation has linked a 5-axis Mazak Variaxis J-600 / 5X to a Platinum Sideloader. This five-axis Mazak milling machine with both product and pallet loading can be configured using the BMO Robot cell. It has also been made possible to automatically change grippers, so that the right products can be taken from one of the seven drawers. The Mazak machine is equipped with the extensive tool magazine several times, just like in this photo. This increases flexibility, producing an almost unprecedented number of different product series, all with their own tools, without manual tool change.

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