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    optivice set-up time to zero


    How many vices do you have in your machining system? And how much time does it cost your operators to each time configure all these vices for every small series? And what is the chance that this accidentally goes wrong at some point?

    What if you were able for the entire weekend to mill all the different series on the exact same vice? And what if that vice could automatically adjust itself to the dimensions of your product? Your operator would then not have to keep a lookout over all the different vices. This would give your operator more time in both his day and head to provide value to the machining process.

    One clamp fits all

    Various small series in the same night on the same vice

    Series 1, clamp width 11 mm

    9 units
    Operator set-up time: 0 second
    Milling duration: 17:00 PM to 21:44 PM

    Series 2, clamp width 37 mm

    17 units
    Operator set-up time: 0 second
    Milling duration: 21:44 PM to 00:13 AM

    Series 3, clamp width 89 mm

    22 units
    Operator set-up time: 0 second
    Milling duration: 00:13 AM to 04:53

    Series 4, clamp width 128 mm

    18 units
    Operator set-up time: 0 second
    Milling duration: 04:53 AM to 08:11

    Frank Biemans about the OPTIVICE

    Frank Biemans

    For machine operators it is a challenge to each day configure again enough (small) series so that the CNC machines can run an entire night or weekend. Before there was the OptiVice our milling machine operators had to spend a lot of their time configuring the vices. Time that our operators did not have. On top of this, they also had to keep a watchful eye over all the configured vices. And even the smallest error of judgement could have consequences. What’s more, each vice took up space in the robot cell, which in turn takes up floor space.

    And so in 2017, BMO started developing the optimal CNC vice: Self configuring, centric, electric, wireless and with a zero set-up time. Not an easy task, with a long period of trial and error. And so I’m very proud of the passion of the OptiVice team and the positive results of the practical tests.

    Now operators can “OptiVice” set-up time to zero, bringing rest and flow into the milling process. The milling machine operator can now add extra value where it matters most. And more and smaller series can now be produced in a single unmanned run in one night or weekend (Multi-Batch). And this without having to configure a separate vice for each series. And without having to keep an eye over it. The OptiVice allows modern machinists to cope with personnel shortages by using the time of their CNC operators more efficiently.

    “With the OptiVice, BMO is adding a new building block to the optimisation of its autonomous machining ecosystem.”

    Frank Biemans, Founder van BMO

    The optiviced electric clamp

    Electrifying performance

    The next generation clamp is electric: Reliable, adjustable, controllable and 4x more energy efficient than compressed air. Thanks to the precision of the electric servo motors, the clamp is less complex and can be configured more accurately. This applies to both the clamping width and the clamping force. Under or over clamping due to fluctuations in compressed air are now a thing of the past. The servo motors ensure there is a highly precise configuration without loss of clamping force. In addition, the maximum pressure of your compressed air is no longer a restriction for the maximum clamping force.

    Facts & Figures:

    Pallet dimensions: 395 x 395 mm
    Lowest clamping force: 500 Kg
    Highest clamping force: 3,000 Kg
    Adjustable clamping force: Yes, in BMO software
    Insulation class: Fully watertight (IP67)

    The new wireless workhorse

    No cables, no pipes, no limits

    With advanced battery technology we eliminate the necessity for every medium feed-through. The powerful battery in the OptiVice automatically charges up in the robot cell, so that it is always ready for use. The BMO software controls the clamp via a secure Bluetooth connection. Thanks to this wireless workhorse your milling machine operators have more time for ‘optivicing’ the proces.

    Facts & Figures:

    Number of cycles per battery charge: 2,000 cycles*
    Battery power: 320 Wh
    Battery charge time from 0 to 100%: 03:00 hours
    Air connection: None

    Centric zero-point

    Centric clamping optiviced for automation

    OptiVice offers the perfect solution for centric clamping. Thanks to the accurate centricity the zero point for each workpiece is the same. A must-have for robot automation. The robot uses this zero point to set the centre of each workpiece at exactly the same zero point. This ensures the highest possible placing and return-to-origin accuracy.

    Facts & Figures:

    Centric precision: 10µm

    The ease of self-adjusting precision

    One clamp fits all

    All dimensions of your workpiece are already known in the BMO software. In this way, the OptiVice configures itself. The BMO software controls the vice wirelessly via a secure Bluetooth connection. When the robot places the first workpiece from a series in the OptiVice the jaws are already at precisely the correct distance. Set-up time: ZERO!

    Facts & Figures:

    Set-up time: 0 second
    Stroke: 130 mm
    Adjustment time: 1 mm / second
    Minimum product dimensions: 0 mm*
    Maximum product dimensions: 220 mm*

    * depending on the chosen jaws