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    Automate an existing CNC machine – BMO Retrofit

    It is easier than you think to automate an existing CNC machine.

    • Customers asking for shorter delivery times?
    • Having trouble finding staff?
    • Operators working overtime?
    • Delivery times for new CNC machines too long?

    Automating your existing CNC machine immediately increases your output without the need for additional staff or CNC machines.

    The idea that automation is only suitable for large series is still all too prevalent. While that may have been the case in the past, with BMO’s technology you can now easily automate small series and even single pieces.

    Automating your existing CNC machines also helps you recover your investment faster because you’re utilizing the unused machine capacity that you already have in house.

    manned hours per week
    automated hours per week

    Automate an existing CNC machine

    It sounds logical but it’s not always obvious. Have you ever thought about it? There’s a lot more to your CNC machine than meets the eye! You’ve already made the investment with a calculated return. Automation will increase your output, your efficiency, and your flexibility. And as a result, your return on investment. The investment in the CNC machine can actually be recovered quicker. And how about the increased output you can achieve with automation at the same hourly rate? The savings on your cost price will be significant! Finally, you will strengthen your competitive position because your production will be more flexible. As a result, the reduced machine and labour costs and shorter lead time will open up markets you couldn’t previously access.

    BMO Retrofit solutions

    Many existing machines are already prepared for automation. It’s almost always possible to automate an existing CNC machine with retrofit solutions; from installing an automatic door to providing air flow on the machine table. Existing machines usually have a lower tool capacity. When you buy a new machine, the natural choice is one with a large tool magazine. But this doesn’t have to stand in the way of automation. There are a lot of different milling techniques that enable you to produce multiple product series with a limited number of tools.

    Example solutions: Existing CNC machine automation

    Automate an existing CNC machine, Finetech
    Automate an existing CNC machine, DMG Mori
    Automate an existing CNC machine, Mas and Mazak
    Automate an existing CNC machine, Hermle
    Automate an existing CNC machine, Victor and Mazak
    Automate an existing CNC machine, Hurco and Doosan
    Automate an existing CNC machine
    Automate an existing CNC machine, Hartford and DMG Mori
    Automate an existing CNC machine, Hermle
    Automate an existing CNC machine, Finetech

    CE mark

    Together, your existing CNC machine and your new robot automation create a technical installation. Which is why we make sure it has the right CE mark. This applies to the robot automation individually, and both installations combined. All of BMO’s solutions are installed in accordance with the CE Machinery Directive. This guarantees that your automation is safe and reliable.

    Request an assessment

    We’d be happy to perform a non-binding assessment to determine what is needed to automate your existing CNC machine. In most cases, it’s a lot easier than you’d think. Our non-binding assessment will tell you exactly what you need to do.

    Automatic door

    Sometimes an existing CNC machine can be equipped with an original automatic side door or cabin door. If this is not possible, BMO will offer its own automatic door. The door is available as a side door or a front door.

    automate an existing CNC machinebestaande cnc machine automatiseren

    Automate your existing CNC machine?

    We guarantee automation without technical or financial risks. More information? We’re here to help.