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    What brand of CNC machine do you want to automate?

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    Every CNC machine that is not linked to automation represents enormous hidden potential. Some CNC machines stand idle for as long as 120 hours a week, while the labour shortage means that actual performance is even lower.

    Do you want to turn this hidden potential into performance? Then it’s good to know that we can automate any brand of CNC machine.

    The most frequently automated CNC machine brands

    Can’t find the brand of your turning machine, milling machine, multitask machine, grinding machine or toothing machine in the list? You can automate any brand. Contact us without any obligation.

    Automating various CNC machine brands?

    Automating a combination of various brands and/or control systems? No problem. We regularly place two different brands of machine in a single robot cell. For example, a Mazak machine with Mazatrol controller on the right and a Victor machine with Siemens controller on the left. The robot then keeps both machines running at the same time.

    Control systems:
    We regularly automate control systems such as Fanuc, Heidenhain, Mazatrol, Okuma OPS, Fagor, Haas, Mapps, Mitsubishi, Siemens and more.

    Victor - Platinum 50 Sideloader - Mazak J600