Automating DN Solutions CNC machines

BMO Automation delivers robotic machine tending on DN Solutions CNC machines

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BMO Automation develops and produces user-friendly, innovative automation solutions for loading and unloading CNC machines, including DN Solutions CNC turning and milling machines. Throughout the years we have built up a broad experience with DN Solutions machines, we have already provided several DN Solutions CNC machines with a robot machine tending solution of BMO Automation.

Look for a selection of DN Solutions – BMO autonomous machine tending combinations that have been successfully integrated in practice below.

DN Solutions DNM 400 – Titanium 50

DN Solutions Puma 2600 LSY – Iridium 25 Frontloader

DN Solutions Puma 2100 SY – Platinum 24 Frontloader

DN Solutions Lynx 220LY – Platinum 24 Frontloader

2x DN Solutions DVF 5000 – Platinum 50 Sideloader

DN Solutions VC630 5Ax – Platinum 50 Frontloader

Why automate DN Solutions CNC machines with BMO Automation?

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BMO Automation

A Dutch producer and supplier of automation solutions for loading CNC turning and milling machines

BMO Automation develops and produces user-friendly, innovative automation solutions for loading CNC turning and milling machines in the metal and plastics processing industry.

Driven by passion for machining and robots, BMO Automation develops a wide range of intelligent automation systems. There is a fitting solution for any company size and automation requirements. Solutions are configured tailor-made, using an excellent expertise in the client’s production process. As a result clients can achieve a reduction in costs, a shorter changeover time and a higher output.

Our mission is to translate your wishes into a perfectly matching automation solution. BMO gets to the bottom of your business processes, listens to your wishes, and provides specific advice based on knowledge and experience. BMO can also rapidly respond to the needs of the market because of its own engineering, development and service departments. Innovation, reliability, passion and expertise are important core values.

Why you choose BMO Automation

Leader in High Mix – High Volume

Changing products and clamping equipment means you can produce a number of product series 24/7.

Comprehensive modular functionality

Our wide range and many specific options make it possible for us to offer a solution for every automation request.

High quality total solution

We make life easier by supplying turnkey solutions and providing guidance from A to Z.

Robot cells from BMO Automation

Automation for DN Solutions CNC machines
Fully continuous production of series and single parts
Leaders in High Mix – High Volume

Platinum series for DN Solutions CNC machines
Titanium series for DN Solutions CNC machines

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