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    Why automate your CNC machine with BMO Automation?

    A higher production output

    Guaranteed higher output from your CNC machine

    Guaranteed higher output from your CNC machine with BMO Automation

    You can employ automation to use the capacity of your machinery more adequately. You can have your machines run more spindle hours without extra operators being required. After connecting an automation solution of BMO you will see a considerable increase in the output from your production.

    The challenge confronting each business in the machining industry is to fully exploit the capacity of its machinery. This can be done by using two or even three shifts, but your CNC machines will still often be down, while labour costs increase.

    With CNC automation you can considerably increase the output from your production. Product series – even for small numbers and single parts – can sequentially take place with the BMO robot cell without the intervention of an operator. The robot takes care of loading and unloading your turning or milling machine, so downtime is limited. This is obviously not only possible during the day, but also at night or during the weekend. Automation assists you in increasing the number of spindle hours of your turning or milling machine, while you use a greater part of the capacity of your machinery.

    Using CNC automation means you can succeed in producing more at a lower cost. You will then not only increase your production output, but your turnover and profit margins will also enjoy a boost.

    Get higher profit margins from your CNC machine at a lower cost

    BMO automation means your CNC machine runs more spindle hours without the need for extra personnel. The man-hours component in your cost price is considerably reduced. This means that you produce at a lower cost, so your profit margins will increase considerably.

    Thanks to our automation solutions you can now have your CNC machine continue to run unmanned. This cannot only be done at night or at weekends, but it may also happen during the day, which means that you can save on many production hours. You then not only make better use of your machinery, but you also increase the profit margins on your products. Thanks to CNC automation you actually produce more products and can also invoice more at a lower cost.

    You also recover the initial investment in automation in the short term, because you can immediately secure higher profit margins after installation. You can then also achieve a higher profit in the longer term. The more hours the BMO robot runs, the higher your profit will be.

    A lower cost price

    Higher profits because of a lower cost price

    An increase in your turnover

    Higher turnover because of a higher production at lower costs

    Achieve a higher turnover by producing more at a lower cost

    In order to raise the turnover from your CNC machine, you can have it run more spindle hours or produce at a lower cost. Automation offered by BMO Automation offers you these options.

    Thanks to our Platinum and Titanium series you can now have your CNC machine continue to run unmanned. And this not only during the day, but also in the evenings, at night and throughout the whole weekend. You are able to use the full capacity of your machinery with automation offered by BMO Automation.

    You can also secure a higher profit margin, because the man-hours component in your cost is also lower. With automation you can produce more at a lower cost, so your general turnover will also increase.

    Deliver faster to your customers with a short changeover time

    Getting higher output from your CNC machine thanks to BMO automation means products also have a considerably shorter product changeover time. Your CNC machine runs more spindle hours a day, so orders are produced faster.

    Practical example: You receive an order today for 100 parts, for which 150 hours of processing are required. Without automation and with one shift system it will take you three weeks to complete the order. Compare this with the situation with BMO automation (24 hours of production a day) and you can produce and invoice the order in one week.

    Many hours can particularly be gained at the weekend. No fewer than 62 milling hours are available from Friday afternoon at 17:00 hours up to Monday morning at 07:00 hours. In one weekend you can use automation to run more spindle hours than one operator can in a whole working week.

    A shorter changeover time usually offers your company the following advantages:

    • Orders can be supplied faster to your customers.
    • Fewer forecasts of future demand need to be made.
    • Less stock is required because you can produce the whole order quickly.
    • Any production faults arrive at quality control earlier and are noticed more quickly.
    • The general situation is clearer, because there are fewer products on the floor.

    Shorter product changeover time

    A higher capacity means a shorter delivery time

    Shorter investment cost recovery time

    A fast recovery of your investment in automation and CNC machine

    Shorten your cost recovery time by automating your CNC machine

    How quickly you recover your investment depends on how well you make use of CNC automation. A simple calculation demonstrates that besides the purchase of the automation, the purchase price of the CNC machine can also be recovered sooner.

    It has been calculated that one operator can get an average of 6 spindle hours a day out of your CNC machine. When you integrate automation from BMO Automation, you can have the spindle of your CNC machine run 24 hours a day. In other words; with automation you can use the capacity of the CNC machine more adequately. This results in a quartering of the cost recovery time for your investment.

    You can also secure a higher profit margin, because the man-hours component in your cost is also lower, so the investment in your machine is recovered even more quickly.

    This is one of the many advantages of CNC automation. Also discover the other advantages.

    Do you want to work out your own return on investment?

    Go to and calculate how quickly you can recover your investment yourself.

    Respond to market changes with flexible CNC automation

    The future? You do not yet know what you will be producing in six months, in 3 months or even in 2 weeks. Your order portfolio is partly filled, but the future is still unsure, so you want to anticipate a rapidly changing market in a flexible way. Your automation will support you in this aim.

    It is desirable to be able to produce different product formats round-the-clock, without the intervention of an operator. With BMO automation you can change different clamping solutions on the machine and use the self-adjusting gripper to load many product sizes. You then have a very high degree of flexibility and are not tied to one particular standard.

    A great flexibility also means that you want to respond rapidly to new orders without losing valuable spindle hours. In order to achieve a high degree of flexibility, it is necessary that the setting time, being the time needed to prepare the CNC machine to make a production batch, is reduced to a minimum. This setting time is reduced to a minimum through automation from BMO Automation. You can for instance create new jobs while the CNC machine is simply in production. You can also load and unload the product drawer during production. Then you will not lose any valuable production time.

    What other advantages can better flexibility of your CNC automation offer you?

    • Quicker responses to a rapidly changing market.
    • Shorter delivery periods with flexible automation.
    • Short product setting times.
    • Greater competition because of a lower cost and short delivery periods.
    • Ready for the future, you are an innovative partner who continues to evolve and move with the times.
    Satisfied customers with short delivery times

    You know the story: another late order comes in at the end of the day. A customer wants these parts delivered as soon as possible. Unless you happen to have these parts in stock you have to ask your personnel to work overtime. Or even worse, you have to disappoint your customer and you lose the order.

    However, things are different through automation by BMO Automation, where you can quickly add a great variety of new products to your production process. Your robot can work through the night, so your order will be ready in the morning. Your customer is satisfied, and so are you!

    High degree of flexibility

    Rapidly anticipate a fast-changing order portfolio with a high degree of flexibility

    Custom-made options

    Possibility of automation 2 CNC machines with 1 robot

    Choose the automation that best suits your CNC machine

    No company is the same: each factory has its own specific automation needs. A standard solution can help you on your way, but with a custom-made solution you obtain the highest capacity from your CNC machine.

    BMO Automation builds standard solutions, but with the many unique modular options hardly any robot automation configuration is exactly the same. We offer you the opportunity of using our modular possibilities to create your robot configuration to optimally meet your needs. If our comprehensive options still do not fully satisfy your wishes, we can also offer you a custom-made solution. Custom-made as standard.

    The automation solutions from BMO Automation are characterised by the many modular options. A small selection from these options:

    • Connect 1 or 2 CNC machines
    • Pallet loading module
    • Collet exchange
    • Robot on a track for a greater reach
    • Reversing module for hexahedron processing
    • Extensive gripper options
    • Product stacking
    • Custom-made grids

    BMO Automation supplies turnkey solutions for CNC machines

    Automation is not merely linking automation to a CNC machine. For a successful integration of a CNC automation, it is important that the CNC machine and automation are perfectly coordinated with each other. This includes a properly operating zero-point clamping system, the right clamping resources, a smoothly operating automatic door and completely safe CE-certified integration.

    We have built up good contacts with various machine manufacturers through years of experience. The lines are short, and with our comprehensive knowledge we can ensure the flexible integration of BMO automation on your CNC machine. We do not only offer an automation solution, we make life easier throughout the whole process. We do this by supplying turnkey solutions.

    Turnkey solutions

    Complete solutions – production immediately after installation

    Tailor-made advice

    CNC automation is a skill in itself. Many different options can be found worldwide, but finding the right solution for you is a complicated affair. You don’t have to do this on your own. We guide you through the complete process, while offering you advice specific to your situation. If we cannot offer you a solution after an exploratory discussion, we will be pleased to refer you to the people who can assist you. Please contact us for an appointment with one of our advisors without any obligations.

    If you choose an automation solution from BMO Automation, you will not only become our customer, but BMO Automation will also become your partner in productivity. BMO Automation is your partner who not only knows the machining industry in all its facets, but who also continuously thinks along with you to offer the most suitable solution for you.

    Together we strive to get more output from your current machines and to achieve shorter lead times. With our tailor-made solutions you get more efficiency from your machinery.

    Feel free to contact us and let us inform you about all our options. BMO Automation has already helped many companies with their search for a solution. You can benefit from all our acquired knowledge and experience. We also come from the manufacturing industry ourselves and also draw on the experience of our driven and enthusiastic specialists.

    BMO Automation helps to convert your wishes into a perfectly fitting automation solution. Of course we take into account all factors that are important in this. Innovation, reliability, passion and expertise are important core values.

    New! The Iridium series!

    The compact all-rounder for turning and milling machines

    We proudly present the IRIDIUM series. This further expands our product portfolio with a compact robotic automation.

    The new robot cell is available as a Sideloader and Frontloader and suitable for automating both turning and milling machines.

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