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    A solution for every CNC automation issue

    BMO Automation is a Dutch producer of modular, complete solutions for the machining industry. Founded in 2008 with the clear vision that the loading of CNC turning and milling machines could be done more efficiently. The key question was and still is; how can our clients optimally use their CNC machines with as much efficiency as possible?

    Your partner in CNC automation

    As an innovative partner, we unburden machining companies in the metal and synthetic material industry. That is why we deliver high quality, user friendly and flexible automation solutions. Because of our total focus on CNC automation, our years of experience and our good connections with the manufacturers of CNC machines, we guarantee a total integration between your CNC machine and our robot automations.

    BMO automation is your reliable partner at the forefront of automation and digitization of the machining industry. Our robot cells excel at the unmanned production of a high mix of product series with a high volume of products. ‘High-Mix – High-Volume’. Because of this, our CNC automations give substance to the labor shortage, increase your productivity, deliver more quickly and provide your company with a pleasant and profitable future.

    We delve into business processes, listen to your wishes and will give you honest advice on the basis of extensive knowledge and years of experience.

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