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    About BMO Automation

    BMO Automation is a Dutch producer of modular, complete solutions for the machining industry. Founded in 2008 with the clear vision that the loading of CNC turning turning and milling machines could be done more efficiently. The key question was and still is; how can our clients optimally use their CNC machines with as much efficiency as possible?

    After a succesfull start, it was time to expand the product line. The market required a robot cell that could load small series at a low cost. The Compact 20 robot cell was born. This new robot cell was introduced during the TechniShow in 2012. It was a very compact and mobile robot cell and the MC5 was very well received during the exhibition.

    BMO Automation helps to convert your wishes into a perfectly fitting automation solution. We delve into business processes, listen to your wishes and will give you honest advice on the basis of extensive knowledge and years of experience.

    More efficiency from your machinepark with BMO Automation


    Founding of BMO Automation

    Together with the development of the very first robot cell, BMO Automation was founded by Frank Biemans. The first robot cell is called the pro-loader and focuses strongly on product loading for small and medium-sized series on a drawer system. It is controlled through a first version of the very user friendly control software.

    BMO Compact 20

    The Compact 20 robot cell was developed in response to the market demand to have a system for small serial production at low costs.

    Launch of the MC5 robot solution and development of the BMO self-adjusting gripper

    During the TechniShow 2012, this very compact mobile robot cell for small series and low product weights was introduced. In the same period, the Compact 20 is provided with a pallet module and the user-friendly job manager software. In addition, the BMO self-adjusting gripper was developed in 2012. This gripper is easily programmable in the software and can automatically adjusts its gripper fingers to the entered size. In this way, dimensions in a range of 0 to 200 mm could be grasped without operator intervention. An innovation that makes fully automatic production of several different series possible.

    MT5 robot solution

    BMO Automation starts with a brand new product design. The MT5 robot cell as well as the HSL20 are being developed to load CNC machines from a side door.

    Platinum and Titanium series

    The product range is divided into the  Iridium, Platinum and a brand new Titanium series. The Titanium series is a new addition to the product line and offers the possibility to load pallets and products from 50 and even up to 180 kg. Giving BMO Automation a wider range of products to suit their solutions better to customers need.

    TechniShow Innovation Awards

    BMO Automation is increasingly establishing it’s name as a reliable partner for both turning and milling CNC machine automation. During the TechniShow 2016 the new Platinum 24 is introduced and BMO Automatoin was rewarded with the title innovator at the TechniShow Innovation Awards 2016.

    International growth

    BMO Automation has now become a valued supplier of automation solutions in the Netherlands and Belgium. The focus is shifted to other foreign markets including Germany where the first robot cells have been sold and are installed.

    On the TechniShow of 2018 BMO Automation was awarded as winner of a TechniShow Innovation Award in the category ‘New on the Dutch market’.

    Customers about BMO Automation

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