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    How many small series do you produce during the Christmas holiday?

    Christmas Day and Boxing Day fall on a Sunday and Monday in 2022. Christmas Eve on a Saturday. We will assume for a moment that your operators will spend valuable time with their families on all three of these days. So from 17:00 on Friday to 7:00 on Tuesday, we count 86 hours without your operators. How many small series can you produce in these 86 hours? It largely depends on the type of automation you use. Below are some examples with small series worked out for you.

    Manned production (2 to 3 small series)

    Each product placed manually
    Autonomy = production time of placed product

    Single Batch Automation (4 small series)

    One product set up, followed immediately by unmanned production
    Autonomy = production time of the series that is set up

    Multi Batch Automation (10+ small series)

    First, multiple products set up during the day shift, followed by unmanned production
    Autonomy = total production time of all batches that have been set up

    BMO has focused on Multi Batch Automation and small series since 2008. Our customers and BMO Precision Parts do it every day. So would you like to go through your order book with us sometime? Then we will show you the effect of Multi Batch Automation on your small series, at no obligation to you.