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    Nomination TechniShow Innovation Award 2022


    Technishow Innovations Award 2022 - Genomineerd

    BMO Iridium HYBRID nominated for TechniShow Innovation Award 2022
    The innovative BMO Iridium HYBRID has been nominated for the Technishow Innovation Award 2022 by the seven-member jury. For the 4th time in a row BMO Automation is nominated for this coveted award. We proudly thank the jury for this wonderful recognition.


    Iridium HYBRID
    HYBRID Automation is the smart combination of pallet and product loading in one CNC automation. The BMO Iridium HYBRID makes this smart combination now also accessible for the entry-level segment. Due to the low entry threshold, the BMO Iridium HYBRID allows companies to enter easily and grow more quickly to a mature stage in the field of CNC automation.

    To the Iridium HYBRID…


    BMO Iridium HYBRID