Flexible system for loading pallets that can also be combined with product loading. The system makes round the clock manufacturing possible both for single items and for small random series with one or two machines.

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Technical information


The new FX 50 robot cell is designed to flexibly automate small series. The concept is of modular design with a pallet operation option. The system has two loading stations for providing pallets with material manually.

When used in combination with our job manager 5.0 software to ensure an optimal workflow, downtime for manual loading is kept to a minimum. The standard capacity is 40 pallets of 300 x 300 mm which can be expanded on a modular basis. A CNC machine can be placed to the left or right of the robot cell for loading.

• For single items, small and medium series
• Handling weight up to 150 kg
• Capacity to load up to 7 products
• Can be loaded during operation
• Variable product height thanks to flexible tray system
• 2 independently operable pallet loading systems
• Up to 100 pallets

Titanium series Ti50 Ti150
Simultaneous loading of several machines
Loading pallets up to 50 kg
Loading pallets up to 150 kg
Loading of combination of pallets and products
Intuitive graphic user interface
Loading station