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BMO is ready for further growth from a new factory

BMO is ready for further growth from new factory

Since the beginning of January, BMO, consisting of BMO Automation and BMO Precision Parts, moved to a brand new factory along the Randweg in Nederweert. The construction of the 4,200 m2 building took approximately a year. After this major relocation, BMO is ready to realize further growth from the new factory.

Nieuwe pand BMO Nederweert

International growth

In the meantime, BMO Automation has built a high name recognition in the Netherlands. The brand is known as the automator of single pieces to small and large series, on both turning and milling machines. ‘With the new building, BMO automation has sufficient space and the possibility to continue our desired growth.  We are operating in several European countries and we have noticed that there is a high demand for high-quality CNC automation,’ says Frank Biemans, director at BMO.

Experience Center

The new factory is equipped with a large Experience Center where potential customers, from both the Netherlands and abroad, can view, test and experience robot automation and software from BMO. In addition, anyone who drives, cycles or walks past the building can take a look at the latest techniques produced by the Dutch company through the large window in front of the building. ‘Next to welcoming our customers in the new building we want to show everyone what BMO has to offer. In the future, we will organize events on regular basis in the Experience Center, together with our partners. The factory of the machining branch of BMO, BMO Precision Parts, is fully furnished with our latest automations and it offers visitors the opportunity to take a look at all the features in real life. This will have to become the meeting place for the future of CNC machining.’

Open House

The move has been completed successfully and the first products have already left the new factory. An open house of the new factory will take place later this year. ‘At first we will get used to the new environment and further improve the internal process. We expressly promote partnership and a festive opening for our customers and partners should therefore not be missing. When the open day will take place, doors will be opened and all the interested parties will be invited to experience automated CNC machining in all its beauty,’ says the proud director.