Alzmetall GS 600/5-T aan een BMO Platinum 50 Sideloader

The BMO Platinum 50 Sideloader is coupled on one side to an Alzmetall GS 600/5-T and on the other to a Hedelius Acura 65 EL. The customer has opted for the modules pallet and product loading so that the 5-axis milling machine from Alzmetall is supplied with pallets and loose raw materials by the robot. The Alzmetall is equipped with an automatic side door by BMO to allow full autonomous and safe access.

Full-continuous production is possible because the BMO Job Manager has been chosen. This software developed by BMO adds extra functionality to the machine combination because it allows the robot to perform multiple jobs in succession. This makes 24/7 production possible as the robot can have multiple product series processed one after the other without any operator intervention. As a result, the customer has obtained higher flexibility and achieves a considerably higher output from his CNC machines. An essential functionality to utilize the full potential of the machine-robot combination.

BMO Automation has provided both CNC machines with its own zero-point clamping system. The pallets, machine clamps, grip jaws are also from our own brokerage. Additional options that the customer has chosen are a programmable gripper print, mail module, Tool Lifetime Management and a double parallel gripper with the famous self-adjusting jaws.

Click here for technical specifications about the Alzmetall GS 600/5-T.