DMG MORI DMU50 3rd Generation - BMO Platinum 50 Sideloader

The DMU 50 3rd generation from DMG MORI is a compact milling machine which often is combined with a Platinum 50 from BMO Automation. Product and pallet loading are possible thanks to the robot cell. The machine control of these CNC machines can vary between Heidenhain and Celos / Siemens. Thanks to the developed software of BMO Automation the machine control and BMO software can perfectly combined. Loading a wide variety of product dimensions is not a problem for the Platinum 50. Due the different grid sections the variety of product dimensions can easily programmed and the work can start.

Click here for technical specifications about the DMU 50 3rd generation.

DMU 80P duoBLOCK + DMU 50 3rd Generatie – BMO Titanium 180
DMU 65 monoBLOCK – BMO Titanium 180