BMO Platinum 50 - DMG Mori DMC 1450 V

BMO Automation has integrated its BMO Platinum 50 Sideloader with this DMG Mori DMC 1450 V. This cooperation offers a compact and closed robot automation with considerable capacity for automatic loading of raw material or semi-finished products.

The Platinum Sideloader enables full-continuous production of series and single pieces, where standard product loading can be extended with a pallet loading module. This allows the robot to insert different product sizes into the CNC machine, enabling unmanned machining of multiple product series. This integrated solution, with the Platinum Sideloader and DMG MORI DMC 1450 V, excels in High Mix – High Volume applications.

With an impressive Y-axis travel of 700 mm for large workpieces, the DMC 1450 V series offers stability and versatility. The high-speed and powerful spindle of the DMG MORI machine, combined with the advanced automation of the Platinum Sideloader, ensure efficient and accurate machining across a wide range of applications. The integration of these machines increases productivity and quality in the production process.

6,000 Spindle hours per year
Kusters Goumans automates NTX 1000 with Platinum 50 cell from BMO Automation