Platinum 50 Frontloader integrated on a Okuma MULTUS U3000

This multi tasking machine of the brand Okuma is loaded through the front door by the Platinum 50 robot cell of BMO Automation. The multi tasking machine model which is connected to the Platinum 50 Frontloader is an Okuma MULTUS U3000. In this example, the robot stands on a loose base. This has been chosen to increase the range of the robot. By using seven product drawers a wide range of products can be prepared for processing. Therefore, working days can easily be extended.

The standard Platinum Frontloader is equipped with a product loading module and an extremely flexible modular tray system. For business operators who want to obtain even more output from their CNC machines, BMO Automation also offers the option of loading collets on your CNC turning. This option provides greater flexibility and allows several different product formats to be processed in combination on unattended machinery.

  • Capacity for 18 collet positions
  • Loading collets of various diameters
  • The robot has the BMO gripper exchange system and a BMO collet gripper
  • Including software BMO Intelligent Collet Loading Solution (BICL)
  • Multiple product series in one production run (24/7)
  • Collet exchange station on top drawer

Click here for technical specifications about the Okuma MULTUS U3000.

Okuma MB-5000H – Platinum 50 Frontloader
Okuma GENOS M560-V-E + Okuma MU-5000V – BMO Titanium 180