Okuma GENOS M560-V-E and a Okuma MU-5000V automated by a Titanium 180

These two Okuma milling machines are connected to a Titanium 180 of BMO Automation. The types of milling machines which are shown are the Okuma MU-5000V and the Okuma GENOS M560-V-E. The 180 kilogram robot is mounted on a moving track to increase the robot’s movement capability and to operate both CNC machines. Thanks to the 7 product drawers and 38 pallet places a wide range of products can be prepared. Hereby, both milling machines can be filled with products by the Titanium 180 for production.

  • BMO Titanium series
  • 180 kilogram robot
  • Pallet and product loading
  • Two control screens
  • Machine interface Okume (robot side)
  • 7 product drawers
  • 38 pallet places
  • Program number selection on both CNC machines
  • Job manager
  • Mail module
  • Gripper exchange system
  • Multi machine control
  • Double parallel gripper with servo jaws (manually adjustable jaws are also possible)
  • Pallet dimenstions 395×395 with or without medium transit (also possible with the option to use different pallet sizes
  • Various machine clamps possible, standard Schunk KSP+160 or KSP+250
  • Gripper jaws for KSP+160 / KSP+250
  • Two docking stations
  • One turntable in the docking station
  • A closed system for safety

Click here for technical specifications about the Okuma GENOS M560-V-E.

Click here for technical specifications about the Okuma MU-5000V.

Okuma MULTUS U3000 – Platinum 50 Frontloader
Okuma MU-5000V – Titanium 180