Mazak Variaxis J-600 5X integrated on a Platinum 50 Sideloader

This Platinum 50 Sideloader from BMO automation is linked to two CNC machines. On the left a YCM MV76 A and on the right a Mazak Variaxis J-600 5X. To increase flexibility, 7 robus drawers, a single parallel gripper with automatically adjustable jaws, also known as the BMO self-adjusting jaws, and a double parallel gripper with manually adjustable jaws were integrated into the system. Both CNC machines are loaded via the automatic side door of the CNC machine.

  • BMO Platinum series
  • 50 kilogram robot
  • 7 product drawers
  • Pallet loading
  • BMO Jobmanager
  • Program number selection
  • Multi machine control
  • Gripper Exchange system
  • Single parallel gripper with BMO self-adjusting jaws
  • Double parallel gripper with manually adjustable gripper jaws
  • Closed system to guarantee the safety

Click here for technical specifications of the Mazak Variaxis J-600 5X.

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