Mazak Integrex I-200S integrated to a BMO Platinum 50 Frontloader

The Platinum 50 Frontloader of BMO automation is integrated to a Mazak Integrex I-200S. The robot is placed on a base to achieve the desired ranges. The Integrex I-200S is loaded via the front door. The Mazak turning machine can be flexibly loaded with one of the robot’s five product drawers. The turning machine is also equipped with an automatic bar feeder. When the bar feeder is active, the robot only takes the products from the turning machine when the product is ready.

  • BMO Platinum series
  • 50 kilogram robot
  • 5 product drawers
  • Stacking of products functionality
  • Take out products after bar feeding
  • Fixed double gripper with a two-point serf-adjusting gripper on one side and a three-point self-adjusting gripper on the other side
  • Light screen for safety

Click here for technical specifications of the Mazak Integrex I-200S.

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