Matsuura MAM72-25V & Matsuura V + 1000 on a Titanium 50

Two CNC machines from Matsuura are linked to the BMO Titanium 50. On the left is a Matsuura V + 1000 that is loaded from the side by the BMO robot. On the other side is a Matsuura MAM72-25V that is also loaded via a side door.

The Titanium 50 is equipped with a pallet and product module. This means that the robot can place pallets with machine clamps and fixtures on both machines. In addition, the robot can also load individual products on the Matsuura machines. By combining both loading methods, we are talking about High Mix – High Volume. A high mix of product series but also a high volume per product series due to the high number of pallet positions and the 7 product drawers.

Matsuura MAM72-42V – Titanium 50