Matsuura MAM72-42V onto a Titanium 50

Below the story of this customer:

In 2014 we invested in a Matsuura MAM 72-42V 5-axis machining center, linked to a Titanium 50 robot cell from BMO, which we put into use earlier this year. The combination of robot and machine must continue to produce dimensionally stable day and night in our air-conditioned production hall. We are convinced that with this choice we will achieve even higher accuracy and process reliability. The machine has a working range of 520x520x730mm and a tool magazine that can be expanded to a maximum of 500 tool positions, ideal for unmanned production of very different products (single pieces, small and large series) together. With this investment we expect to be able to offer our customers even higher quality, faster delivery times, higher delivery reliability and more flexibility.

The Titanium 50 is equipped with a pallet and product module. This means that the robot can place pallets with machine clamps and fixtures on the Matsuura CNC machine. In addition, the robot can also load individual products. By combining both loading methods, we are talking about High Mix – High Volume. A high mix of product series but also a high volume per product series due to the high number of pallet positions and the 7 product drawers.

Click here for technical specifications about the Matsuura MAM72-42V.

Matsuura V+1000 – Titanium 50 – Matsuura MAM72-25V