Hedelius Acura 65 EL automated by a BMO Platinum 50 Sideloader

The Hedelius Acura 65 EL is a compact five-axis milling machine that for this customer is linked to a Platinum 50 Sideloader. They choose for product and pallet loading where both product jobs and pallet jobs can be handled by the robot-machine combination. The pallet exchange station on the top drawer allows the operator to prepare pallet jobs while the CNC machine is producing. This will keep downtime of the CNC machine to a minimum.

With the double parallel gripper, where one side is provided with self-adjusting jaws, various sizes of products can be continuously loaded by the robot onto the CNC machine. Because the gripper pressure and the clamping force of the pneumatic clamping block can be programmed separately, it does not matter for the Platinum 50 Sideloader whether the products are made of plastic or metal. For each product type the operator can set how high the gripper pressure and clamping force must be to prevent damage. Both materials are possible to be tended on the CNC machine.

BMO Automation is a supplier of total solutions and provided all equipment for this customer. A 4-fold zero-point clamping system with medium throughput, pallets with clamping blocks from the Schunk brand and a number of pallets for manual clamping was chosen.

Platinum 50 Sideloader:

  • Machine interface Heidenhain
  • Double parallel gripper incl. BMO self-adjusting jaws
  • Pallet exchange station on top product drawer
  • BMO Gripper Pressure Control
  • BMO Clamping Block Pressure Control
  • Mail module
  • Signal lamp
  • BMO Jobmanager
  • Program number selection
  • Pallet module including fixtures:
    • BMO 4-fold zero-point clamping system
    • BMO Pallets incl. pneumatic clamping block
    • BMO Pallets excl. mounting holes
    • Set BMO grip jaws

Click here for technical specifications about the Hedelius Acura 65 EL.

Hedelius Acura 65 EL – Titanium 180