Grob G350 automated by a BMO Titanium 180

This customer performs 5-axis simultaneous milling with robot loading. By linking the Titanium 180 many unmanned hours are produced on the Grob G350 machine.

At their milling department the standstill have been reduced to an absolute minimum thanks to zero-point clamping systems and extensive automation. Not always configuration time, but immediately starting with milling. Because all their machines are top level, they can produce 24/7. Large products with deep chambers are very suitable for their machinery. Due to horizontal machining, the chips fall out of the product immediately, this reduces tool wear by 20%, which results in lower costs.

24 hours a day production with serial work and single pieces

Robot loading ensures unmanned production of single items and serial work, and that 24/7 with night production at lower costs.

Click here for technical specifications about the Grob G350.

Grob G550 – Titanium 50