Grob G550 automated by a BMO Titanium 50

Loading two CNC machines is no problem for this Titanium 50 from BMO Automation. On the right side of the robot cell is a Grob G550 integrated. This 5-axis CNC machine guarantees the best milling technology and a stable and precise milling of almost all materials.

This Titanium 50 makes both product and pallet loading possible. With the help of seven robust product drawers and the 38 pallet places, a high mix of products with a high volume can be produced.

With this, 24/7 production of single items and series work can be realized.

  • Titanium series
  • 50 kilogram robot
  • Pallet and product loading
  • Machine interface Heidenhain (robot side)
  • 7 product drawers
  • 38 pallet places
  • Jobmanager
  • Mail module
  • Multi-machine control
  • Program number selection on both machines
  • Double parallel gripper with on one side self-adjusting jaws and on the other side manual adjustable jaws
  • Pallets dimensions 395×395 with or without medium throughput
  • Various machine clamps possible, standard Schunk KSP+160 or KSP+250
  • Gripper jaws for KSP+160 / KSP+250
  • Two docking stations
  • Two turntables in the docking station
  • A closed system for safety

Click here for technical specifications about the Grob G550.

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