DMG MORI CTX beta 800 TC - BMO Platinum 24 Frontloader

The CTX beta 800 TC of the brand DMG MORI is a turning-milling combination including a tool station for 80 different tools. The turning machine  is partly loaded by a staff supply system.

The Platinum 24 Frontloader ensures that various sizes of round and block products can be loaded. The robot cell is equipped with reversible drawers to increase the diversity of products. For example, the capacity of the drawer can be increased to seven product frames and seven bar frames.

The current status of the robot cell can easily be seen by the signal lamp on top of the Platinum 24 Frontloader. The moment the signal lamp colour turns red a mail will be sent thanks to the mail module to the preset address. Immediate action can be taken to put the CTX beta 800 TC back to work.

Click here for technical specifications about the CTX beta 800 TC.

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