Hurco VMX30t automated by a BMO Platinum 20 Frontloader

This compact BMO Platinum 20 Frontloader loads the Hurco VMX30t through the front door of the CNC machine. The safety is guaranteed thanks to the floor scanner. In this installation it was decided to only load the Hurco VMX30t with products. This BMO robot cell includes the following specifications:

  • Platinum series
  • 20 kilogram robot
  • Product handling
  • Machine interface Hurco (robot side)
  • Mail module
  • BMO gripper pressure control
  • BMO clamping block pressure control
  • 4 product drawers (upgrade to 7 product drawers is optional)
  • Single parallel gripper with manually adjustable jaws (also self-adjusting jaws are possible)
  • Floor scanner
Hurco VMX42i – Platinum 24 Compact
Hurco VMX30Ui + Hurco VMX24i – BMO Platinum 50 Sideloader