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    BMO Smart Solutions

    You can turn to BMO for all your questions about the machining industry, where we can provide you with specific advice through the years of expertise we have gained at the various companies that bear the BMO name. BMO Automation has been specialized since 2008 in offering automation solutions for loading CNC lathes and milling machines. BMO Precision Parts has specialized since 2005 in the field of machining work in the metal sector. From our customers we are increasingly asked whether it is possible to gain more insight into the total production process in the factory. This has led to the establishment of BMO Smart Solution.

    Smart Industry 4.0

    From a ‘reactive’ to a ‘predictive’ system

    What makes BMO Xenon unique is that all current and historical data predictions can be made. In this way the switch can be made from a “reactive” to a “predictive” system. This makes it possible to predict whether an operation will be finished on time, with the example that the pieces can also be laid out in time for the next order. Xenon ensures that everything fits together, internal just-in-time delivery, by better planning and structuring the workflows. The aim is to ensure that the production process runs as optimally as possible so that more capacity is extracted from the available resources. Offering insight into the production process is the added value that allows the factory, with the current available machines, to perform even better.