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    BMO Software

    Our systems are easy to operate because no robot knowledge is needed
    thanks to the very user-friendly graphical user interface.

    • Operation via touchscreen
    • A new robotjob can be programmed within 1 minute
    • Remote support module
    • Mail module for status messages
    • Job manager to arrange multiple jobs
    • Well-arranged menu layout with clear symbols


    BMO Intelligent Control System

    No extensive robot knowledge is required to operate our CNC automation solutions thanks to our very user-friendly graphical user interface

    BMO Automation software

    The BMO Automation software makes it unnecessary to use the teach pendant of the robot. The software functions on a panel PC with touchscreen, and makes it as easy to set up a new robotjob within 1 minute. Not only the setting but also the monitoring of the process is a major advantage of the software. Remaining times, cycle times and processed products are calculated and can also be requested remotely. “Multi-machine control” is possible up to an infinite number of machines.


    The BMO Jobmanager adds extra functionality by enabling robot automation to perform multiple jobs in sequence. This option is required to be able to run production continuously for a longer period of time without requiring operator intervention. You can program different jobs in series without sacrificing production time. In this case, the changeover time is zero because the CNC machine just continues its production activity.